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Frequently asked questions

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What is VCG Markets?

What are the different types of accounts that VCG Markets offers?

What are the minimum deposit requirements for VCG Markets' accounts?

What are the different payment methods that VCG Markets accepts?

What is VCG Markets' customer support like?

What are the risks involved in trading with VCG Markets?


How do I place a trade with VCG Markets?

What are the different types of orders that VCG Markets offers?

How do I manage my risk when trading with VCG Markets?

How do I withdraw funds from my VCG Markets account?


What educational resources does VCG Markets offer?

How can I learn more about trading?

How can I improve my trading skills?


What is leverage?

What is margin?

What are the risks of using leverage?

How do I calculate the margin required for a trade?

How can I manage my risk when using leverage?

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